How To Get Your Free Instant Credit Report Online

Do you realise how crucial your credit report? It might seem like just a piece of paper to you, but did you realise that the information contained within your report will mean the difference between being accepted or being declined for any financial product you’ll ever apply for. Your credit report will also be used to decide how much you will ultimately pay, as credit providers will consult your past credit history when deciding how much interest you should pay, whether you will require a deposit and even if you required a guarantor for your application. Liquid with THC

So it’s pretty clear to see just how important a good, accurate credit report is to you as a consumer. I’m also pretty certain everyone of you has seen advertisements from companies promising to ‘repair your credit report’. I only have two words of advice; stay away. Many of these companies take part in dubious and even illegal activities to seemingly improve your credit rating, some will even suggest you start a new credit file using an EIN number. This is illegal, so unless you fancy being pulled up on a felony charge, don’t get involved!

However there is something you can do to help improve your credit report. By getting a copy of your report from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion, you can have any inaccurate or incorrect entries corrected or even removed, which will instantly help improve your score! All you need to do is make a list of the disputed entries and then contact the credit referencing agency. They’re obligated by law to investigate and are normally quite happy to do so.


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